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    Zuvi Wins Allure's Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award

    Zuvi Wins Allure's Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award
    Zuvi is dedicated to improving the daily hair drying routine with one of the world's most advanced and fully automated hair labs. The global revolutionary beauty tech brand has won the prestigious Breakthrough Beauty Award from Allure Magazine for the brand's debut product, Zuvi Halo.

    Introducing the next generation of hair dryers, Zuvi Halo is scientifically proven to reduce heat damage with its state-of-art LightCare™ technology, to basically air-dry your hair via a hairdryer. Essentially, the benefits of this technology will increase hair moisture and reduce frizz, while retaining hair color longer with light instead of heat. According to a survey by Wakefield Research, 91% of U.S. women continue to damage their hair almost every day. Zuvi is devoted to empowering women and men to make small daily changes to their haircare routine with the Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer. It uses infrared light energy to dry the water on the hair surface, while leaving the internal cortex healthier, with up to 109% more hydration compared to using overheated air from traditional hair dryers.

    Cutting Edge LightCare™ Technology

    With more than 150 global patents, the light centered energy-efficient technology uses a healthy infrared spectrum to dry your hair, while a multi-layer coating cover glass filters out harmful UV rays and unnecessary visible light. Using these natural rays to dry hair at top speeds while maintaining lower hair and scalp temperatures promotes healthier, smoother, shinier hair. Drying hair at a lower temperature and with targeted light will protect the cuticle and ensure that color treated hair is cared for and lasts longer. The hair dryer optimizes hair health with four settings; Care, Fast, Soft, and Style and provides a styling concentrator, diffuser, and gentle air attachments for proper styling. With science, technology and sustainability at the forefront, Zuvi Halo reduces overall energy usage by 60% for a better environment.

    Shaping the Future of Hair Care 

    "Zuvi is changing the way the world sees innovation and sustainability by disrupting the beauty industry with science, technology and data-proven benefits one hair strand at a time. It is an honor to be recognized by Allure for creating a product for the whole family and we hope to continue making radical changes to improve our customers' everyday life, " said Brett Wang, CEO of Zuvi Inc.

    According to Allure, "products that earn the Allure Breakthrough seal do more than just perform beautifully — they transform our beauty routines with a new ingredient, technology, or design. And to determine our Best of Beauty Breakthrough winners each year, our editors go beyond rigorous testing to also dig deep into the science behind each product and assess exactly how it is changing the beauty landscape".

    In addition to winning the Allure Best in Beauty award, Zuvi has also expanded into Neiman Marcus and Hudson Bay in North America and Selfridges in Europe. The award-winning Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer is available direct-to-consumer retailing for $349 on